Vision of Kaitronic
  • Founded in 2000, Kaitronic, based in Germany, is devoted in optical 3D and 2D metrology equipments at PCB, optoelectronics, semi-conductor, solar industries. With its expertise at sourcing materials, it also provides films, tools and chemicals at PCB and LED industries, like release film, conformal film, grinding roller, router, drill, brushes, thermal tape, and the others related. Our customers are among the leading companies in computer, communication and consumer (3C) electronics industries. Kaitronic co-works with the top European laboratories and introduces advanced technology into the industry. It also focuses on system integration, customer-oriented R&D, employee motivation and teamwork. As a result, we bring values to customers, boost up our sales, expanding the market share and generate profit every year.

  • Since this millennium, Taiwan PCB industry started to establish aggressively new factories and expanded the production capacities in China in order to cope with the worldwide growing trends. Kaitronic set up the presence in China in 2003 as well in order to quickly respond and to offer better services to our customers.
  • Kaitronic became the software designer of the optical inspection equipment and the co-brand developer for KIP and MikroScan systems in 2004. There are several projects still under development for the inspection technology, which can help the microminiaturization for different industries, especially in the 3 C industries. Based on our global marketing, production and customer service networks, we are working closely with customers from design to mass production.
  • Like the leading enterprises, talented employees are the key to the success. Kaitronic believes that advanced technology and high quality equipment rely on our employees. We strive to offer employees the best suited jobs to fit their talent. Kaitronic is committed to develop new inspection equipments and metrological technologies. Because we believe in technology leadership is the key to build the sustainable advantage in the market and gain the customers’ preference. Kaitronic cooperates with world-leading equipment manufacturers to match customers’ requirement. This helps us to step ahead of competitors and lead the inspection technology development in Asia.
  • Kaitronic is keen in developing new metrological technology and look forward to cooperate with world leading companies for applications (top light, Via inspection, 3D topography) in the electronics, semi-conductor, IC packaging, MLCC, LTCC, Photonic, TFT panel, solar industries in order to expand our markets.
  • Kaitronic is driven by integrity, enthusiasm, and innovation. Despite offering professional technical consultant, Kaitronic helps our partners improve eligibility rate and save costs by customizing a solution according to different industries at its advanced technology platform.



Address:No.870, Sec. 3, Xinsheng Rd., Zhongli City, Taoyuan County 320, Taiwan